Top 5 Tips For Hiring Exceptional Staff For Your PG


Hiring Staff

You should view your PG staff as a part of your marketing campaign. Want to know why? Because when you hire exceptional staff, you deliver a great tenant experience which in turn create recommendations and referrals.

Needless to say, the right staff can make or break your PG business.

That’s why hiring the right people for such a customer service oriented positions can be quite a task.

But worry not!

These proven tips will definitely help you hire the best possible staff for your PG:

1. CLEARLY define the role and skills that you are looking for

Proper preparation prevents poor hiring.

Before broadcasting the job opening, know exactly what you want. Hiring for Housekeeping staff vs. front desk vs. mess staff requires a different approach. So write down the skills and personality traits based on the position and then post that job opening.

2. Let the search for the potential staff begin

Below are some of the great ways to source potential staff members:

a) Ask the current staff members

b) Ask your tenants

c) Put the “Hiring Now” poster outside your PG

d) Knock the doors of staffing agencies

e) Post the job opening on the recruitment websites

3. Start taking interviews!

Staff Interview

Give the candidate a detailed description of the position, job duties and responsibilities, working hours, salary and other perks, etc. Tell them about your PG and tenants. This will all build a picture of your PG’s environment and the candidate will get an idea of how well they would fit in.

4. Don’t be shy, hire them already!


Hire an attitude, not just experience.

Before making an offer and hiring PG staff, ask yourself these questions:

a) Do they have the required skills?
b) Do they have a great attitude?
c) Did we connect?
d) Do I have any doubt?

You might also consider adopting the customer-centric approach WETCO approach in selecting the perfect staff. It will help in identifying the right personality characteristics.

Note: Don’t forget to conduct background and reference checks!

5. Don’t forget to include a probation period

Did you hire the right person? Are they a good fit?

Well, you can’t actually see whether the person is a suitable match for their skills and abilities until you have worked with them. That’s why it is advisable to include a probation period of between 2 weeks to 2 months.

Once this period is over, and both you and your newly hired staff member are satisfied with the employment arrangements, you can remove them from probation.

In the end, it all depends on your and your PG’s needs. Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula for hiring PG staff and retaining the best staff but we hope these tips will help you to some extent.

Happy Hiring!


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