Ready, Set, Shoot! Let’s create the perfect virtual tour of your PG


Despite the ongoing pandemic in the country, many people are still moving to a new PG for a number of reasons. Perhaps their rental lease is about to end or their job has been relocated. Whatever the reason is, we know that finding a new place to stay can’t always wait.

But there’s one problem: Physical site visits of PGs are not possible in the current situation because everyone’s maintaining “social distancing”.

That’s why our PG owners are going the virtual way. They have started conducting remote tours via Skype and Whatsapp Video calls and by sending pictures of their lovely PGs. 

Hence, taking beautiful pictures of your PG is necessary to attract more tenants. Here are best tips for staging and prepping your PG for a virtual tour photo shoot:

Pay attention to the lighting

Let us tell you a secret: Good photos are all about good lighting.

It makes space look bigger, warm, and inviting. Don’t you want your prospective tenants to imagine themselves sitting on a bed, enjoying morning tea with bright sunlight shining in on them? You do, right? So take photos of your PG during the day in the natural light. Uncover the windows and let the sun do its magic!

Clean it up!

Cleaning up the room and PG before the shoot can make the photos look professional. So clear the reception desk, beds, tables, corridor, stationery and other miscellaneous things. 

And while you are at it, hide the boxes and wires. These items can distract tenants from the main features you want to capture in your pictures.

Pick the right angle

You want to draw your prospective tenants’ eyes to what you want them to remember about your PG, right? So, identify the best features you want your tenants to see and direct the attention to it in your pictures. 

The first picture never comes out good! So take as many pictures as you can from different angles to figure out which angle works the best. 

Pro tip: Get a bit lower if you are taking a wider room shot. It’ll make space appear bigger.

Add spunk to the rooms

Add decor to make the room look more visually appealing. You can add wall art, paintings, night lamp, etc. to the add the spunk. These items can really liven up the room because people like to imagine how it’d be like to live in PG. 

Decorating the room before taking the picture can give tenants an idea of what to use the room for. But be careful of overdoing it, it could ruin the pictures completely.

Show off the outdoors

If there is a mesmerising view from the windows of the PG or from the balcony, then what’s stopping you from including it in the pictures? Show it off proudly.

Give the tenants a feel of the community by showing off the street and neighbourhood. 

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take amazing pictures. You can take good quality photos using your basic smartphones by using our tips.

After taking the photos, sit down and edit them. Delete the photos that came out blurry or dark. Lighter pictures are easy on the eyes!


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