PG Managers Checklist for Corona Lockdown.


Accounting. Budgeting. Complaints redressal. Overseeing housekeeping activities. Staff Management. And a hundred more of your PG chores.


Forget Business for a sec. What about your Tenants?? Aren’t they stuck too??

Maintaining their safety and be able to provide them with proper meals is the only thing that matters right now! And if you have EazyPG installed on your phone, managing all these won’t be a nightmare. Let’s find out how:

1. Send Notifications. Avoid Notice Boards!​


The government is making announcements every other day to handle this coronavirus pandemic. And so do you, as PG Manager is required to make changes in your PG/Hostel accordingly. But notifying every tenant, every time a change is required, could be very time-consuming. And getting out to announce on the notice boards can be too risky. Well, not if you have the EazyPG app installed on your phone. With EazyPG, you just have to Type & Send your message to make an announcement, and Ting! all your tenants will get a notification of that announcement. Yes, it can be that quick and easy!

2. Shift Bookkeeping online! It’s COVID-19!


The chances of getting affected by COVID-19 are very high if everyone shares the same old registers and pens. This is the reason why you need to GO ONLINE! With EazyPG, you can maintain records like income, dues, and expenses online. We use high standards of Google Cloud & Amazon Web Services to store your information and data of the users. These are really sensitive pieces of information, like personal documents and hence are encrypted for storing on the cloud. This omits the chances of losing important data anymore.

3. Less staff means switching duties!

Due to the lockdown, some staff members might be unavailable. This requires you to change the duties of staff in your crew. This means more confusion and maybe more contact. But if your staffs get EazyPG Trained, managing them will be far easy. Our EazyPG Apps gives you the option of providing and revoking your staff permissions for doing duties like marking attendance, changing status of rooms, editing the food menu, etc. on your fingertips.

4. STOP meeting tenants to resolve a complaint! But how long on phone calls?


During this lockdown, the in-person meetings can be very risky. So, it is strictly required to resolve the complaints of tenants without meeting them. EazyPG’s Complaint management feature is well-crafted to work wonders for you and your crew. It allows tenants to file complaints and provide a description of the problems they are facing on a dedicated section in the App. They can mention whether your presence is needed to solve the problem or not in the app itself. You can assign your staff to get the complaints resolved. Solve those issues and update the status in the app accordingly.

5. Double-check on Visitors!! Sanitize when they leave.


Your tenants may get their parents to take them home or order something online that brings a delivery boy at the door. In this outbreak, every person entering your hostel can be a ticking bomb of coronavirus because you can never tell whether someone is infected or not. That’s why you need to take necessary precautions. It is a Life and death situation. EazyPG lets tenants inform you about the guests visiting your hostel. You can also check what time the guests are arriving and what time they’ll leave. So that you can disinfect your place as soon as they are gone. Keep in mind those door handles!!

Take precautions and stay alert. Bypassing even a single loose end can leave behind uncountable threats to your life and to those around you. Make your Hostel- EazyPG enabled and fight hard against COVID-19. We are with you! EazyPG will come handy in assisting you to take all those necessary actions on time.

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