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Want to start a PG accommodation business?

Today, the education and professional sector is booming in India. This boom is finding its space in the metropolis of the country due to the attractive opportunities offered by them. Better educational facilities and job prospects serve as the two most tempting pull factors to tug people all over the country towards these established urban settlements.


pg business

This drastic change in the population landscape of these big cities introduced the local property owners of the region to a brand new avenue to earn money, metropolitan property owners can now convert their property into paying guest accommodation.

Wait! What? Do you want to open one?

Opening a paying guest accommodation might look like the fastest means to earn money but hey, managing it is not everyone’s cup of tea.
Are you aware of the lengthy legal documentation and police verification? What about staff management? Do you know anything about maintaining systematic accounts and spreadsheets? Who would maintain discipline in your PG? Do you think that collecting rent from tenants is that easy?


pg manager


Hey, why so stressed? This was just a reality check to your ambitious dreams.

“Don’t downgrade your dreams just to fit your reality rather upgrade your conviction to match your destiny”

We are here with an all-in-one EazyPG Manager App to breathe life in your PG dream. Take it easy and manage your PG with EazyPG!


Worried about lengthy police verification, legal formalities and tenant documentation procedure?

 “Why worry when EazyPG does it all in a real hurry.”

Originally, police verification is a lengthy and complex procedure which requires great patience but with EazyPG Manager App, it’s real quick and easy. Within a few minutes, it’s all done with complete tenant documentation. The app immediately furnishes a soft copy of an exclusive rental. Authenticate each and every document within no time.

24/7 control and discipline in your PGs 

PG owners being mortals can’t be omnipresent. Thus, EazyPG Manager App ensures their seamless presence 24/7 in all their PGs. 

This app is featured to update PG owners about every stranger’s or visitor’s entry at their PG premises. It also helps landlords to keep a keen eye on late check-ins of tenants.

It’s really important to understand that discipline isn’t at all synonymous to strictness or restrictions. It doesn’t involve imposing any bizarre rules on tenants. It’s the human mentality that we only follow rules and regulations in the fear of being punished or penalized. These penalties work as incentives to encourage people to follow the established code of conduct. EazyPG Manager App is featured to impose certain fines and penalties on the tenants who break the predefined rules.


EazyPG is here to convert your ‘impossible’ PG business dream to its ‘possible’ reality.

So what are you waiting for? Install your dream in your smartphone now!
EazyPG Manager App is a one-stop solution to all the PG problems.



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    1. Hi Bhaskar
      Can you please share your details at [email protected] and our team will get back to you asap.

  2. Hi,


    What do you think about PG business in new Gurgaon? Sector 92.

    We have a 3 BHK flat there.

    Please reply, giving your learned comments on the chances.


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