Stay Safe And Collect Rent Remotely During Covid-19 with EazyPG


The traditional rent payment system was surely not ready for the deadly virus like Coronavirus. You know why? Because in-person meetings were required for rent collection in that system.

Hundreds of Tenants = Hundreds of transactions = Hundreds of in-person meetings = Hundreds of opportunities for coronavirus to spread all throughout the PG/Hostel.

You could have avoided it and won the game “Hostel Vs. Coronavirus” if you had started using EazyPG already!

Below are the impressive reasons why you should download The EazyPG App right away:

  1. Collect Rent Via 15+ Digital Payment Options!

“Par mere phone me sirf Google pay downloaded hai.” (But I only have Google pay downloaded on my phone)

“Mujhe Debit Card Ke alawa kuch aur use karna nahi aata.” ( I don’t know how to use any other online payment method besides Debit Card)

“Main sirf Paytm par trust karta hu. Mujhe aur koi payment method use krna pasand nahi hai.” (I only trust Paytm. I don’t prefer any other online payment method)

These are the statements that you usually hear when you ask your tenants to pay online, isn’t it?

With EazyPG, you don’t have to worry about whether the online payment method of your tenants’ preference is available on the app or not, because it definitely will be. We allow your tenants to choose amongst 15+ Digital payment options including GooglePay, Paytm, Debit/Credit Cards, UPI, NEFT, Net Banking, etc. It makes the rent and bills payments process easy.

Time to say bye-bye to the outdated cash payment system!

2. Instant Payment Confirmation and Digital Rent Receipts

Tenants demand a receipt signed by the owner when they pay for the rent and bills payments in cash for future references.

But when tenants use EazyPG to make any rent and bill payments, they receive an immediate confirmation message as soon as they make the payment. Tenants can download digital payment receipts in pdf format having all the necessary information like the tenant’s name, room number, the amount paid, and the payment method which they share to their parents.

And we know that…

If tenants are happy, then PG managers are Happy too! 🙂

3. Saves Your Time And Effort

Rent collection and bill payments require a lot of time and effort. And during this corona outbreak, it is required for everyone to stay home.

Well, What if we tell you that you can stop calling and reminding your tenants all the time for the rent and bill payments? That you can lie peacefully in your bed at home and still receive rent and bills payments from your tenants without going stressed? Sounds unbelievable, no?

But, at EazyPG, we make it all happen for you.

All you have to do is choose your suitable rent collection campaign and link your bank account details on the App to start receiving the payments online. Moreover, you can also generate payment links in the EazyPG app and send those links to your tenants to save even more of your time and effort.

4. Payments & Settlements

Online payments are convenient, but are they safe?

So Online rent payment is a three step process on EazyPG:

Step 1- Tenant clicks on Pay Now button in EazyPG Tenant App.

Step 2- EazyPG redirects the Tenant on Razorpay. Tenant pays with his card, UPI or Net banking. If payment is successful, Razorpay’s partner bank receives the money and keeps it in an escrow account till 5 pm every day.

Step 3- On successful payments, EazyPG sends a confirmation SMS & notification to you and your tenants. It also issues a Digital Invoice customised for your PG.

Step 4- Razorpay’s partner bank transfers all the money received from tenants till 5 pm to your bank account on the same day. All transactions happening after 5 pm in the evening will get transferred to your bank account in the next evening at 5 pm.

Step 5- If payment fails, it gets simply refunded to the tenant’s bank account in 2–4 banking days. So the money can only be in the tenant’s bank account or yours.

The owner receives the total amount and the details of all settled dues in the day, along with the corresponding tenant information on the PG’s Support WhatsApp group in a report as well as in the Settlement Report section in the App.

*sigh of relief*

It’s high time you finally say Alvida to your old cash payment methods and get with the times with simple and reliable Online payment methods. Stay home away from Corona Virus and let the EazyPG Manager App and the EazyPG Tenant App do the part!

Download EazyPG Manager App NOW!


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