Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Busy Life of A PG Owner

Daily life of PG owner

Oh no, there is no such thing as a typical day in the life of a PG owner! Every day in a PG Owner’s life varies because of the complexity of dealing with so many factors. But it’s a 24×7 job that’s for sure. You can only imagine how challenging it’d be to manage a PG having 100+ beds.

Hundreds of Rooms = Thousands of tenants = Millions of demands


And yet PG owners take care of all their tenants like a family. They wear a lot of hats to provide the best possible services to their tenants.

So let’s take a quick tour of the daily life activities of a PG owner:

Overseeing a Number of Housekeeping Activities

A clean PG is a happy PG!

After the coronavirus outbreak, cleanliness is the first thing that every tenant demands. Today, tenants prefer to live in a clean room more than complimentary luxuries, free WiFi access and so on.

Therefore, a PG owner oversees a number of housekeeping activities and ensures quality standards for cleanliness. For that, he conducts spot evaluations, ensures regulations for safety & sanitation are being met and implements a rotating schedule for cleaning each area of the hostel.

Managing Staff

It’s simple: If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your tenants.

And PG owner knows that! He keeps his staff content by giving the necessary training to the staff, ensuring team morale and motivation throughout the day, keeping track of their performance and requesting feedback and ideas from staff.

 Calls, Calls And More Tenants’ Calls

“I’m having trouble with my roommate.”

“Can a geyser be installed in my bathroom?”

“The power is out!”

PG owner’s day starts with tenants’ phone calls. PG owner gets a number of demands from his tenants. But not all demands can be fulfilled. Therefore, he filters out all the absurd demands and only responds to genuine ones. Construction, renovations, and maintenance are done only if it is necessary, otherwise, they just add up costs.

Sometimes, PG owner also has to call tenants to remind them of their due rent and other due payments.

Playing with numbers – Bookkeeping

Be it rent, or bills payments or staff salary or any other financial transactions – Not only a PG owner records all these transactions but he stores their invoices, manages accounts and prepares financial statements also. 

Bookkeeping isn’t a child’s play. One small mistake and boom! Your balance sheet doesn’t match. It is a crucial step that allows PG owner to monitor the growth of his PG business.

Entertaining Leads!

If PG has any vacant units, then filling out those vacant units as quickly as possible becomes important.

A lot of PG owner’s time goes into dealing with leads. Converting leads into tenants is a very crucial process which involves various steps such as showing vacant unit and PG to the leads, taking a follow-up with interested leads, documentation, etc.

A PG owner has long days and it requires a lot of time and effort to become a great PG owner. It’s a big job that requires critical thinking, communication, computer, and financial competence all playing a part. So if you think that PG owner’s life is easy, then it’s time to think again!

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