5 Reasons Why Every PG Owner Needs a PG Management App

PG management app

Are you still using registers to manage your PG?
Are your Excel spreadsheets slowing you down?
Are you looking for accounting management functionality? 
Need a solution to manage the day to day work of your PG?

If your answer to the above questions is YES, then it’s high time you switch to PG Management app. It allows PG owners to manage their PGs more efficiently and eventually increases the value of their investment.

Let’s find out why every PG owner needs an app to manage his PG effectively:

Record and Track Accounting Transactions

You can escape accounting if you are managing a PG!

And PG management apps are designed just to make the lives of PG owners easier. They allow you to automate accounting features and reduce the manual data entry. For instance, if a tenant pays online, it’s recorded. Phew! It’s that easy.

They also allow you to recording expenses, track rent, and generate your income report, etc. Ditch your registers and work productively and smartly with app integration.

Enhanced Accessibility

Imagine you are at your relative’s place and you suddenly need to check some tenants’ data. Would it be possible to access the data if you are using registers and excel spreadsheets to manage your PG? No. Right?

But that’s not the case with these apps!

These apps let you access the data from anywhere anytime. Even your staff can access the data whenever and wherever they want.

Automate Reminders

“Your rent for this month is due!”

How cool would it be if your tenants receive this reminder days before the due date? Well, these apps make it possible. Along with rent reminders, late fee notifications, notifications that a document needs to be signed, etc. are all sent automatically.

It makes the relationship between PG owners and tenants stronger!

Collect Rent Online

Online Payment

Stop meeting your tenants and start collecting rent online to maintain social distancing.

The convenient of online payments add a layer of professionalism, increases timely payments and make it very easy for tenants to pay rent. These apps usually have more than numerous payment methods like Debit card, Credit card, NEFT, net banking, UPI, etc. It will definitely reduce your bank visits.

Complaints Management

Maintenance. No PG owners like it because it can be a huge hassle. Your phone doesn’t stop ringing because one or the other tenant is always facing some sort of an issue.

But PG management apps solve this problem too by allowing tenants to file complaints via the app itself. They can submit the descriptions, pictures, video or every other required information.

You can review these complaints in the app itself and can notify tenants after solving the complaint digitally. Bye-bye unnecessary calls of tenants!

Easy Backup & Recovery

Cloud Technology

These hostel management apps not only make the data available online and accessible but also stores the data safely! So in case, your data is lost, you can recover it anytime. It completely eliminates the risk of losing data.

PG management apps have been a game-changer for PG owners all over India. These are very affordable and makes PG management a child’s play. EazyPG is the best PG and hostel management app which digitizes your PG completely. Download the app and start your free trial today! 

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