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We have two of our applications, EazyPG Manager and EazyPG Tenant live on play store. EazyPG Manager is aimed for the PG Owners to completely automate the management of a rental property. EazyPG Tenant is aimed for young millennials that helps them take shared decisions in a rental property. 

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Rent Collection

Complaints Management

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Most frequent questions and answers

EazyPG is a rental business software that automates Rent collection, Tenant documentation cum record management, Expense management and Complaints resolution for PG, Hostel/flat owners & tenants.

Maintaining Bahi-Khata demands a lot of manual work for every rent and bill, is not data secured and is very time-consuming when you want to find any particular detail about a tenant from a list of 100s of tenants.

But with EazyPG, you can safely maintain all your dues, income and expenses, promote the security and feasibility of tenant information – anywhere and anytime.

There are tedious calculations and increased risk of errors in using Excel or Tally for maintaining your PG records. Or even updating it everyday even for a minimal change.
Using bulky formulas to calculate rent across months can easily make these sheets unresponsive making it really difficult as well as frustrating to maintain records for the business.
But with EazyPG, you can enhance your productivity by managing data with its features like Accounts and Passbook.
Also, you can generate monthly/daily reports of all the settled rent of your tenants.

EazyPG eases the way you handle your new bookings.

When a potential tenant (a lead) visits your PG/Hostel, EazyPG assists you in managing all the booking activities like maintain records of new leads, take follow up, view current status; allotment of vacant rooms if confirmed, documentation, etc.

Tenant app allows the owner to communicate with the tenant for everything about their stay in the PG ranging from verification documents, rent reminding, rent receiving, complaints etc.

And Tenant App allows the tenant to get a smart living experience wherein they need not call the owners for everything, instead, they can easily check the App and use its multiple features to communicate their various PG related issues.

EazyPG aims to digitize the PG business for owners, keeping in mind the tenants’ living experience in a PG/Hostel. And for this, a two-way communication between the two parties on a real time basis is a win-win since it allows an easy complaint resolution process, online verification process for tenants, eliminating those unnecessary conversations maintaining privacy of the both the individuals.

Storing tenant documents need manual efforts by PG owners and their staff. While with cloud based technology, increased amount of data can be stored safely. It also helps the PG owners in scaling their business by making it more cost-effective.

EazyPG platform uses the highest standards of Amazon Web Server & Google Cloud to store the information and data of the users. All the sensitive information like name, email, phone no. & personal documents are encrypted for storing on the cloud.

No, EazyPG never allows anyone to have access to user data.
Only for a support or enhancement request, the user information can be retrieved by the EazyPG Executives, and that too, on very special cases. Here at EazyPG, all the employees sign Non-Disclosure agreement as a mandate step at the time of joining of the employee in the company.

With EazyPG, you can digitize your PG activities, eliminate all the points of losses and minimize your effort to manage your PG. With this, you can get spare time to expand your PG business further and hence, earn more.

Yes, you can easily take online payments with 15+ in-app digital payment options, credit/debit card and netbanking.
You just need to link your account details on the App to start receiving the payments online.

Imagine taking online payments from 100s of tenants in a day. And you know that the bank payment text message won’t tell you whether the amount received is a bill or rent, right?
Won’t it be a task then, to manually check who has paid how much and for which month?
Thankfully, EazyPG works as a record-keeping platform for all the online transactions from all the digital platforms (i.e., not just UPI but all those commonly used payment methods) from all your tenants.

EazyPG provides 15+ digital payment methods to the teants for rent & bill payment such as UPI, Google Pay, Phone Pay, PayTm, Debit/Credit card. Out of which, UPI is free of any payment gateway charges and is rewarding as EazyPG provides scratch card on every UPI transaction.
While in Debit/Credit card & netbanking, the payment gateway charge of 2% or Rs. 49 (whichever is less) is charged on every transaction to the tenant when they make a payment.
Rest is borne by EazyPG.

All the dues that get processed on the EazyPG platform before 5 PM gets settled the same day between 5-6 PM. If a payment takes place after 5 PM, then it will be settled the next day.

Details of settled dues in the day, alongwith the corresponding tenant information is shared on the PG’s Support whatsapp group in a report by our dedicated executive as well as in the Settlement Report under Daily Reports section in the App.

Download our EazyPG Manager App from Google Play Store and our team will get you on-boarded on our EazyPG OS.
Or, you can chat with us on our official website- www.eazypg.in, provide us with your contact details and our team will reach out to you.

There are multiple ways to seek support from EazyPG.
First, there is a Help section in the App (Go to Home screen in the App > Open “Help” in the top right corner). You can either chat with us directly from the App or watch the pre-recorded App Tutorials for basic App-related questions.
Second, we provide a 12/7 customer care service on phone no. – 011 4117 9595.
Third, we have a personalized Whatsapp support group dedicated to every customer. So, you can ask all of your queries directly in the WhatsApp group.

We keep on releasing new feature updates from time to time. We send dedicated notification in the App for every new feature update. Also, you can stay updated with them by keeping your Google Play Store’s “Automatic Update ON”. This will enable auto-update of the EazyPG Apps i.e., will update the app as soon as the update gets released from EazyPG.

Yes, why not!
Our Team is continuously working to upgrade and help you to use EazyPG products well for your PG business.
You can share your suggestions/new feature request directly on the EazyPG Support Whatsapp group or write us [email protected]

After buying the subscription, our team will help your PG, your tenants and staff members to get onboarded on the EazyPG platform. We’ ll start with creating a 24/7 Support group on WhatsApp, then our Executive will guide you on-call for one-time setup of your PG on the all three Apps and training of everyone. We will share posters and pamphlet designs for marketing of your PG, thus, helping in the transformation of your PG into a Digital and smart PG.

You can easily add your PG logo by following these steps-
Go to Home screen in Manager App > Go to its Navigation menu > My PG Logo > Upload the logo from your phone.

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